The UK’s oldest human Barbie has just had her 150th cosmetic surgery



The UK’s oldest Barbie has just had her 150th surgery in a bid to be the most plastic woman in the world before her 50th birthday. 48-year-old Rachel Evans has spent over £32,000 on surgeries in the past 13 years, hoping to become the real ‘Human Barbie’. Her most recent surgery took place in May, and saw her have a £500 facelift to avoid the appearance of aging. Rachel, from South London, has also planned another seven surgeries ahead of her 50th. Rachel, a mum-of-one, said: ‘I continue to get these surgeries to perfect my face to look like the worlds most famous plastic doll, Barbie.

‘It’s a lifestyle for me and I am doing everything I can to stop aging that is possible, so these surgeries are necessary. ‘I want to be the most plastic woman in the world by the time I’m 50, so I’m trying to keep on-top of my maintenance procedures. ‘I believe that I am aging in reverse – I’m going to be proof that 50 is the new 30 – and my most recent facelift is just one way I am ensuring this. ‘My goal is to be one of the top non-botched, most nipped and tucked cosmetic surgery faces in the world as the living human barbie doll.’ Last month, Rachel underwent a ‘non-surgical’ facelift in a bid to keep her face tight, doll-like and plastic.

She said: ‘The facelift is a non-surgical thread-lift – it involves big needles with polydioxanine (PDO) threads which are inserted into the face via the side of the ear area near the top of cheekbones. ‘The needles are inserted, then pulled out leaving the PDO threads inside the face and once they are pulled tight they are cut. ‘It yanks up saggy skin around the cheeks, mouth and and jaw areas to give me the plastic, doll-like expression permanently. ‘Due to all of the surgeries I have had in the past, my recovery time is limited to just two days and I’ve got very good at being resistant to pain.

‘I was back to work a day after and used makeup to cover the minor bruising I had.’ Despite already having six surgeries this year, Rachel says that she has more booked in on the run up to her 50th birthday. She said: ‘Before my 50th birthday, which is just over a year away, I plan to have a lot more procedures.

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