Endometriosis Affects 25 Million Women In India Alone


Source: shethepeople.tv

Endometriosis is that curse of a condition where women have to endure mind-numbing pain during their periods. Its symptoms include nausea, heavy bleeding, and unbearable pain. The Endometriosis Society of India estimates that 25 million women suffer from this condition in India alone and globally the number shoots up to 176 million women.

Recently, to tackle this condition and enable women with mechanisms to deal with endometriosis, Federation of Obstetrics and Gynaecological Societies of India (FOGSI) along with Bayer Zydus Pharma launched key practice points for endometriosis – VISION (Valuable Insights in Indian Endometriosis – Redefining Outcomes) at the National Conference on Technology, Advances and Infections in Obstetrics and Gynaecology’ in Hyderabad.

VISION aims to understand the current usage pattern of various therapeutic options in endometriosis and create an algorithm to guide doctors in the management of endometriosis based on different patient profiles.

“The key practice points aim to engage the medical fraternity to be more cognitive of diseases such as endometriosis and provide patients with the right diagnosis and treatment options. Since management of endometriosis can be challenging for the patients and the treating doctors, VISION will enable us to execute a multi-disciplinary approach and expertise to improve patient’s quality of life. I urge all gynaecologists to refer to these practice points and ensure best treatment methods are followed,” FOGSI President Nandita Palshetkar said, TNIE reported.

She added, “Girls and women can suffer for 5-10 years before they are diagnosed with endometriosis. Since pain during periods is common, most women are not rushed to the doctors even when the pain is unbearable. This disease also affects the fertility of women.”

It came into place with help from over 200 thought leaders who came together formulated the protocols of practice on endometriosis after a national meeting in Mumbai followed by regional meetings in Ahmedabad, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata earlier this year.

Endometriosis affects women severely and in close to 30% cases it has led to women facing difficulty in getting pregnant. Dr Amita Shah of Columbia Asia Hospital, Gurugram, told ET, “It does not necessarily make one infertile but clearly constitutes a hindrance in getting pregnant naturally. The excess adhesion caused by tissue growth can confine the egg and stop it from moving down the fallopian tube which in turn prevents a natural pregnancy.”

This condition affects women of all ages from early menstruation to way past menopause. The age of diagnosis is not predictive for the stage or severity of the disease. Experts say, TOI reports, that they have seen adolescent girls with severe, debilitating pain and advanced disease and also older women with severe pain caused by a superficial disease that had been missed by inexperienced surgeons during their previous laparoscopies.

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