PIERCED OFF Woman, 29, left with huge growths from her ears after piercings got infected

Ear surgery

Source: thesun.co.uk

GETTING your ears pierced is a pretty low-key procedure and something many little girls beg for.

But sometimes, piercings can go wrong – particularly if they become infected.
Take Jennifer, for example.

She got her ears pierced 11 years ago after which painful, heavy bumps started to grow.

Jennifer, 29, from Philadelphia, USA, went to see Dr Pimple Popper, complaining: “They are incredibly painful and incredibly heavy.

“They cause headaches. I’m worried they are going to get bigger…I worry about being ridiculed and mocked.”
The cosplayer went to see Dr Sandra Lee (AKA Pimple Popper) after other doctors told her that they couldn’t help.

Dr Lee diagnosed Jennifer with extreme keloids and warned that not only might her ears not look “normal” after surgery, but the scars might just grow back.

Surgery wasn’t a straight forward process; she had to remove more ear tissue that she originally planned to and had to use a skin graft to reshape Jennifer’s left ear.

“They’re probably the biggest keloids I’ve ever seen,” said Dr Lee.

“I had to take off more of the ear than expected.

“After removal, the four keloids weighed nearly 14 ounces (28g).
Again, Amber’s keloids started growing two weeks after getting her ears pierced.

They soon grew to the size of grapes and Amber was forced to wear a headband to cover them up.

Fortunately, Dr Lee managed to snip off her scars with few complications.

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