Cochlear implant surgery in discharging ear performed for the first time in MP



BHOPAL: A national surgical workshop was organised on the occasion of 5th anniversary of Divya Advanced ENT Clinic, on Tuesday.

The workshop was attended by eminent experts across country that performed various surgeries. About 16 surgeries were performed in this workshop including Pituitary Tumour Surgery, Acoustic Neuroma Surgery and surgery of CSF Rhinorrhea by the expert from Jaipur Dr Satish Jain.

Another expert from Pune Dr Virendra Ghaisas performed Rhinoplasty surgery (Nose Job).

Dr Satyaprakash Dubey, expert from Bhopal performed Cochlear Implant Surgery of the children who were deaf since birth and also performed cochlear implant surgery done in adult patient who has acquire deafness because of discharging ear.

This is the first time in MP that cochlear implant surgery was conducted in discharging ear. Director of the course, Dr Satyaprakash Dubey said, “This is the ninth surgical workshop of the Divya Advanced ENT Clinic in the last five years. All the operations from Divya Advanced ENT were broadcasted live to more than 100 ENT specialist surgeons from different parts of the country.”

The occasion of fifth successful year of the Divya Advanced ENT Clinic was graced by the chief guest of was Narmada Speaker of MP Legislative Assembly, Prasad Prajapati. He said, “Such events give an excellent opportunity to the new doctors and physicians to learn more and the exchange of knowledge leads to the development of medicine and treatment.”

Special guest of the program was Minister of Minority Affairs and Backward Classes, Arif Aqueel. He said that the Divya Advanced ENT Clinic has done remarkable job in the treatment of deaf and dumb children in the last five years.

Special guest Minister of Public Health and Family Welfare, Tulsi Silavat appealed the private doctors to treat the backward class and underprivileged sector people of the society. He also said that regular diagnosis of deafness in the infants will also be done in other cities of the state alike it is currently being done in Indore. City doctors and administrative officers were also present in the workshop.

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