Hypertension: Best Breakfast Options To Control High Blood Pressure

high blood pressure

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High blood pressure or hypertension can be controlled with simple diet and lifestyle changes. Similarly, some modifications in your breakfast can help you control blood pressure numbers. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You should eat the healthiest foods during breakfast to ensure a better flow of energy throughout the day. The right breakfast options can help a hypertension patient maintain blood pressure numbers. Foods rich in potassium are the best options for hypertension patients. Starting your day with a filling breakfast is one good method to control high blood pressure. Here are some healthy breakfast options for hypertension patients.

1. Oats

Starting your day with oats is the best fuel you can give to your body. Oats are high in fibre which is beneficial for high blood pressure. Sodium intake should be controlled if you have high blood pressure. Oats are low in sodium which makes it a great option for high blood pressure diet. Oats are easy to prepare, you can consume them for breakfast.

2. Yogurt with fruits

Yogurt is another healthy option that is good for high blood pressure. According to studies yogurt is good for high blood pressure. But always choose a low-fat yogurt with no added sugar and artificial flavours. You can add some fruits to yogurt to make it more nutritious.

3. Egg

When it comes to breakfast eggs might be the first thing that comes up. You can cook eggs in various ways and enjoy for breakfast. Eggs are also a well-known source of protein which is perfect for breakfast. Egg whites are especially good for high blood pressure. You can prepare scrambled eggs and add some vegetables to it.

4. Nuts, seeds and low-fat dairy

Nuts and seeds rich in potassium are good for high blood pressure. You can choose low-fat milk or a mixture of nuts and seeds for breakfast. Some of the best nuts and seeds for high blood pressure are pumpkin seeds, squash seeds, pistachios, almonds, cashew and walnuts.

5. Banana and berries

Banana is a well-known source of potassium. It is one of the best options to choose from. Bananas are also sodium-free and also rich in antioxidants. It will control blood pressure and promote heart health. You can eat berries with banana as they are also loaded with antioxidants and essential vitamins.

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