Jelena Dokic opens up about weight loss journey

Weight loss


Tennis legend Jelena Dokic has proved she is a champion on and off the court after shifting half her body weight in just 18 months.

Appearing on Today, live from the Australian Open, the 35-year-old former world number four revealed she lost 53kg, with the help of Jenny Craig. At her heaviest she weighed in at 120kg.

“It was a lot of emotional eating,” she admitted. “There was a lot going on.

“I was very aware of why and how I got there, but then it was about making the first step towards getting healthier.”

However, now she’s feeling “great”.

“It’s something I wanted to do for a while,” she said. “Something that was a big goal of mine. I’m happy where I am.”

During her weight loss journey, however, Dokic struggled to leave the house.

“I felt quite uncomfortable – especially being a professional athlete for so long,” she explained. “I had no confidence, lost a lot of inner self esteem.

“I actually didn’t want to go out of the house. I turned down some work as well because I felt really uncomfortable.”

But then the tides turned for the former tennis star, as she decided to begin her weight loss journey publicly in order to help others.

“I know a lot of people out there struggle with this, especially women,” she said. “It might help someone – if that’s one person that’s great.”

In 2017 she released her autobiography ‘Unbreakable’ in which she details her complicated relationship with father Damir Dokic.

She revealed that she doesn’t have a lot of contact with her father, but she has moved on.

While painful, she credits that, and her book, with some of her weight loss success.

“My book gave me, you know, a lot of reasons just to be happy and a lot of weight was lifted off my shoulders from there. That’s how it started,” she said.

“It was hard to write the book I was going through and reliving a lot of the bad experiences.”

With the book taking “over 12 months” to write, Dokic found the whole process “quite draining”.

“I went into it thinking I want to put my story out there,” she said. “If it can help one person, it’s mission accomplished.

“It did so much more than that; it became a best seller… In a way I wish I could have done it earlier. It gave me a lot of freedom.”

For those looking to lose weight, Dokic has some advice.

“Everyone is kind of afraid, and also it’s the mental part, the patience,” she explained. “Going through every single day every single week and month and sometimes you are going to have bad days – that’s alright.

“I think it’s about getting back on it the next day and believing and being positive. It’s never going to be perfect. That’s fine. Just try to do your best everyday.”

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