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Bone Implant

A�bone implant�also known as�Allograft�or graft is a surgery that is done to place a new bone into spaces around a broken bone or bone defects.

The new bone can be taken from the patient's own healthy bone (this is called an�autograft) or from frozen, donated bone (allograft).

A�surgeon�makes a cut over the bone defect. The bone graft is shaped and inserted into and around the area. The new bone is held in place with pins, plates, or screws. Stitches are used to close the wound. A splint or cast is usually used to prevent injury or movement while healing.


Bone grafts are used to:

  • Repair broken bones (fractures) that have bone loss
  • Repair injured bone that has not healed
  • Fuse joints to prevent movement

The risks for any surgery would be excessive bleeding or infection.

Most bone grafts help the bone defect to heal with little risk of graft rejection.

The other Cosmetic Procedures are:
Few Popular Hospitals for a Bone Implant procedure are:

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