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Cranioplasty�is a neurosurgical procedure to repair deformity or defect in the skull.


This reconstructive procedure is to cover large defects in the frontal and neurocranial areas of the skull that were caused by trauma or intracranial surgery. The major purpose of cranioplasty surgery is to provide protection for the brain because if the protective bones of the cranium are missing, the brain is covered only by skin, scar tissue, and the meninges.


A�bone graft�is used to repair a gap or defect in the vault of the skull. This graft could be from your pelvic bone, rips, or part of an adjacent skull bone. Synthetic material, such as silastic or tantalum, which are made specifically for these applications are used instead of bone to make cranioplasty implants. These are precisely shaped to the defect and fabricated preoperatively using CT data. The implant is secured to the skull around the defect margins using titanium mini-plates and screws. Apart from being considered as a cosmetic procedure, cranioplasty procedure has shown to have effects on neurological improvement.

The injuries in common are related to accidents and gunshot wounds. Many patients with severe gunshot wounds have larger cranial defects and neurological deficits.

Cranioplasty�is performed under a general anesthetic. After the cranioplasty procedure the patient is usually adviced a hospital stay for a week or so. Although the mechanism of neurological recovery after cranioplasty is controversial, the occurrence of such improvement may be a sufficient indication for cranioplasty in certain patients

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