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This procedure is aimed to better the balance of nasal tip and also to give the person a more pleasant and appealing look in comparison with the other facial aspects. This procedure helps correct and upturned or a bulbous or a nose tip that is drooping. It also narrows the wide flaring and the large opening of the nasal nostrils, thus giving a better symmetry to the�alar.


The alar of the nose is reduced and suitably adjusted in shape. The excess tissue is removed and the alar is sutured to the new position. The surgeon would decide on the best shape using his or her skill and experience. Multiple options are discussed with the patient and the most suited one which harmonically blends with your other facial features is selected. A slight bleeding is common during the first few days following surgery.

Asprin or Heparin if used is to be discontinued for one week prior to surgery to decrease the risk of bleeding.

The operation is done under either local or�general anesthesia.

After care

Normally pain is felt in the nose area that can be controlled by pain medications. To minimise swelling, the patient is adviced to position the head higher to the chest while resting. On the successive days the pain reduces but the swelling increases in the nose and the eyelid areas. One must refrain from blowing the nose for a week or so, while the tissues heals. Some stuffiness for several weeks after�surgery�is common. The nasal packing will be removed after a few days and by the end of one week, all dressings, splints and stitches will be removed.

Basic work can be resumed within about two days. Avoid jogging, swimming, bending, sexual relations or any activity that increases your blood pressure for two to three weeks. Care should be taken so that you avoid hitting or rubbing your nose or getting it sunburned, for eight weeks. For best results be gentle when washing your face and hair or using cosmetics for atleast 4 weeks. Most patients do not have to stay over-night at the hospital.


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